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With the Dark Tide series, Patrick and I have striven to raise the bar and push the limits on all aspects of custom Dark Forces levels. One of the series' unique qualities is that it features not just some custom music, but its own original theme and complete custom soundtrack. I have been pleased to be able to put my composition talents to use in helping make the Dark Tide experience as enjoyable as it can be.

As you most likely know, the soundtrack is not a strictly original work by any means. Much of it uses the themes and music of John Williams, Joel McNeely, Clink Bajakian, and others. These men have written great music, and I owe them much thanks. I have used their music along with my own with the intent of creating something both familiar and new, something that would be unique to these levels yet keep a similar feel to the movies they are based upon.

On the following pages, I talk a little bit about what went into the soundtrack, and how and why I chose and wrote what I did, when I did. I give a set of sort-of program notes for both the cutscenes and the in-game music. And I provide musical examples and the score for the two existing levels' music. As the series expands, hopefully this section will expand as well.

A Theme For Everything