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Non-Dark Tide Levels by "Jacqueline Foss" 

Raid on the Ovarid

This level was the 1st place winner of the One Room Wonder Contest.The Challenge was to create the most interesting and original Dark Forces add-on level within the tight constraints of a 32x32x32 DFU limit. No custom components were allowed.

Read the Contest page over at DF-21!

download Raid on the Ovarid (ovarid.zip, 8K)

The Rising Fire

It is a time of joyous endings and ominous beginnings.KYLE KATARN has vanquished the threat of the Dark Jedi Jerecand his evil minions, and he now finds peace returns afterresisting the temptations of the Dark Side of the Force.

Across the galaxy on Eos, a world long-forgotten since thetumultuous end of the Old Republic, lies a technologicalpower that will be unearthed in the name of vengeance byKatarn's old foe, THON MOHC.

Katarn has travelled to the remote world of Eos to findand undiscovered droid technology, and to save theNew Republic from a fiery war of revenge...

download Demo version of The Rising Fire (rising.zip, 67K)

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