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The Dark Tide is an intended series of five episodes.

Our story begins as Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors are forced to crash land in the badlands of Tatooine. Armed only with a bryar pistol and thermal detonators, Katarn must fight his way through a territory occupied by nefarious bandits and fearsome Sandpeople, in the hope that he can find the means to escape...

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download Episode I : Wasteland Survivor (dt1se.zip, 9MB)

In Episode I, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors crash landed in the Jundland Wastelands of Tatooine. While Kyle was rescued by Dash Rendar, Jan was ambushed and captured by the Empire. The second episode begins with Kyle Katarn rushing to the aid his friend. With his trusty bryar pistol and the Mark IV Goob Gun, Kyle must penetrate Tatooine's Imperial Garrison, and face a wily and corrupt officer.

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download Episode II : Nightfall (dtide2.zip, 8.2MB)

Kyle Katarn's quest leads to the center of the galaxy to find the knowledge necessary to mount a desperate rescue operation. Katarn will soon discover that only the Empire possesses that knowledge in the databanks of a behemoth technological eye hovering far above the teeming populace of Imperial Center.

download Episode III : Eye of the Empire (dtide3_sept10.zip, 15.5MB)

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