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So, you want to play user made add-on missions on your Mac do you?
Most Dark Forces levels were created on PCs, so you will have to follow these easy steps to convert
those pesky PC files into something your Mac will understand.

Step 1.
Pictured above is an open window from Zipit 1.3.8 showing an open Zip archive containing a great
add-on mission for Dark Forces that you are just dying to play! While Macs commonly use Stuffit to compress files, PCs use WinZip or similar applications to make Zip archives. Most levels on the web are in this form, so you want Zipit to help you expand them. The only files you will need to play are the .GOB and .LFD files. You should probably read the text (,TXT) file also- it usually contains level info.


Step 2.
Look in the far right column marked "LF". This means "line feed" and its something you won't want in any of your converted Mac files (except for text files). Notice that I removed the LF by clicking on the black box next to the .GOB file. With none of the LFD or GOB files containing LFs, the contents are now ready to be expanded or "unzipped".



Step 3.
Before you unzip the files, make sure your Dark Forces Data folder looks like the one to the left. Notice how the Dark Forces application is located in the Cutscenes folder. If it is located elsewhere while playing add-on missions, you won't be able to see new cutscenes or textcrawls!

Drag the GOB file (the actual mission) into the Dark Forces Data folder. Drag any LFD files into the Cutscenes folder inside Dark Forces Data.

Notice how the new, unzipped files are blank icons instead of the nifty stormtrooper icon variety. This is because they are still PC files!



Step 4.

Now, to convert those new GOB and LFD files to Mac files, use Mac GOBer .

Simply drag n' drop the two files on the MacGober icon. They will reappear as stormtrooper icons,
as seen at left. They are now encoded for Mac play!